15 Lessons from the New Testament

In the table below you will find all tools belonging to the 15 lessons from the New Testament. You find the lessons of the two other parts by using the menu above.

  • The column Study contains both the preparation by the student (quiet time) and the accompanying study.
  • The second column lists all NIV Bible verses used in the Quiet Time.
  • In the column Leader are the guidelines for the group leader for leading the meeting.
  • The last column Delta Plus provides background information about the subject.
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There is also an index: a complete List of topics that are dealt with.

Bible quotations are mainly from the New International Version (NIV Bible, ©1984) but also other translations have been used. And we also use very often our own translation from the Greek.

Subject of the lesson Study Bible Leader Delta
16. The life of Christ Study 16 QT 16 Lead 16  
17. The death of Christ Study 17 QT 17 Lead 17 Plus 17
18. The resurrection of Christ Study 18 QT 18 Lead 18  
19. The enthronement of Christ Study 19 QT 19 Lead 19  
20. The kingdom of God Study 20 QT 20 Lead 20  
21. The Church Study 21 QT 21 Lead 21 Plus 21
22. Spiritual growth Study 22 QT 22 Lead 22  
23. Disciples Study 23 QT 23 Lead 23  
24. Workers Study 24 QT 24 Lead 24  
25. Leaders Study 25 QT 25 Lead 25 Plus 25
26. Relationships Study 26 QT 26 Lead 26  
27. Spiritual warfare Study 27 QT 27 Lead 27  
28. The Holy Spirit Study 28 QT 28 Lead 28 Plus 28
29. The gifts of the Spirit Study 29 QT 29 Lead 29 Plus 29
30. The second coming of Christ Study 30 QT 30 Lead 30 Plus 30
Lord's Supper

In this course we follow God’s history of salvation, starting from the first book in the Bible (Genesis) to the last book (Revelation).

The 15 New Testament subjects that are discussed are the life, death, resurrection and enthronement of Christ, the kingdom of God, the Church, several important aspects of the Christian life and the second coming of Jesus Christ.