Evangelistic Bible Study

In the table below you will find 5 extra lessons about evangelism.

They contain the contents of 5 meetings about this subject including the accompanying worksheets to be used by the participants.

These 5 studies belong to Lesson 44 of the Practical Lessons that are part of the Delta Course.


Subject of the meeting Meeting Worksheet
1. The pointers to the existence of God
2. The problem of suffering and death
3. The solution to the problem of suffering and death
4. The responses God requires of people
5. The expectation of a believer about the new life

The 20 practical lessons deal with important aspects of being a Christian. Subjects are daily contact with God (quiet time), assurance of salvation, how to do Bible study, how to interpret the Bible, prayer, fellowship with other Christians, how to tell others about Christ, bearing fruit, how to set priorities and how to find God’s will for your life.